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Funeral in Alkmaar Noord-Holland

Maybe you are visiting our site because a loved one is deceased, perhaps because a death is approaching or because you want to achieve general information.

Please feel free to contact us. We are fluent in English.


In our society, death, loss and bidding farewell are not aspects of life which we are continuously aware of. We grow up with stories and images of winning, being successful, and of heroes who save lives.

Therefore it is inevitable that we do not always know how to deal with feelings and actions that are connected to bidding farewell, passing away and mourning.

Terramor helps you preparing for the final goodbye. We alleviate pressure by taking on the organisational part of the funeral and by supporting you in the process of bidding farewell to the deceased loved one. With respect for your feelings, your wishes and your situation, we will realise a memorable and valuable farewell by closely interacting with you and those near to you.

Many people would like to consider and discuss their wishes for their own funeral. We will assist you and advise you in making the right decision for yourself or your loved ones.


At all times available: +31(0)72-8449767 and +31(0)6-24163932.

  • Mourningcentre Terramor
  • Kamerlingh Onnesstraat 27A
  • 1821 BP Alkmaar

  • Tel. +31 (0)72-8449767 and +31 (0)6-24163932
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